ACE Programs

    Climate Change Education Program


The ACE Assembly

A dynamic multimedia experience delivered by our highly trained staff

Updated for Fall 2014, the ACE Assembly illustrates the latest science on climate change causes, consequences and solutions. We focus on real students who have experienced climate impacts and taken steps to become leaders. Our new Assembly features fresh animation as well as alignment with Next Generation Science Standards and state science standards.

Teacher Resources

Supporting teachers to dive deeper

ACE supports teachers with best-in-class lesson plans, a monthly newsletter with professional development opportunities, and dynamic online resources to deepen students’ knowledge of climate change beyond the ACE Assembly.


DOT: Do One Thing

Making a commitment and joining a network

ACE invites all students to pledge a DOT, a commitment to "Do One Thing" to protect our climate. DOTs range from turning off lights to talking to parents about climate change. When students pledge a DOT, they join ACE's online network where they learn more about climate science, get tips for educating others, and take action on the local and national scale.

Action Teams

Working together to create change

ACE provides online resources to help jumpstart student-led Action Teams at school. Our resources will help them form effective clubs, boost their communication skills and successfully complete climate projects.

Action Fellowship

Building lifelong climate leaders

ACE runs a yearlong fellowship program to give students knowledge, skills, and confidence to be lifelong climate leaders. ACE Fellows have the opportunity to take action on a local climate solution and to amplify their voices for climate action. 


We will not turn a school away for inability to pay for our program, but, since we're a nonprofit organization, we ask all schools to contribute what they can to support our work. It costs ACE $1,500 to bring our program to each school we visit. This includes the ACE Assembly, pre/post Assembly lesson plans, a meeting with students interested in taking action, access to our teacher network, and online resources for students taking action. Any honorarium toward this amount from a school is greatly appreciated.

We also offer fee-for-service arrangements for other nonprofits, companies, partners or universities who want to bring our program to their campus or organization.

Thanks to the generous support of our funders, our Action Fellowship is offered at no cost to students.