Inspire a generation of leadership

For the 30,000+ youth in ACE's action network today, choice is power. More than any generation in history, today's youth are witnessing the increasing effects of climate change, on their health, their local economies, and the natural resources around them. For them, choosing to take action is the only way forward. 


These stories - from Kaymel, Troi, Robert, Carrie, Pablo, and Nadia - showcase the game-changing leadership of over 70 ACE-inspired youth who attended Power Shift last month in Pittsburgh, PA. 

We need you to continue activating new, diverse and emboldened youth leadership on climate. At ACE, we know that youth are powerful agents of their own destinies, but we also own our responsibility to help children experience a safe and stable climate in their lifetimes.

You have the power to make one small choice today that will benefit people and planet for generations to come. Join us and make a donation to ACE today.

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