Unplugged Competition

Last year, ACE hosted the energy competition where over 100 schools competed to reduce energy use on their campus. See our winners from Fall 2011 and the Spring 2012 recap for more details.

In California: Thanks to the generosity of Pacific Gas & Electric, select schools in California competed to see who can cut the most energy and CO2 and win a huge grant from PG&E. 

In Chicago: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) brought this program to local schools and gave service learning credits to participants.

(Students outside of California and Illinois took part in the Us vs Waste competition.)



ACE's Unplugged competition made it easy and downright awesome for teens to save their school money, cut CO2 and win. 

Save energy. Save the world.


How the Competition Worked: Teens reduced their school's energy use by turning down the lights and slaying gnarly energy vampires, like TVs and computers. The Action Team that shed the most pounds of CO2 over a three weeks period would win. 



  Alliance for Climate Education Biggest Loser Project Step 2   Alliance for Climate Education Biggest Loser Project Step 3

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) knows that a community's energy doesn't always arrive through power lines. It comes from the actions and efforts of those who live there. PG&E's goal is to engage, support and improve the neighborhoods where customers and employees live and work. Whether by helping local communities launch new school programs for students interested in the energy industry or by providing clean energy alternatives to underserved neighborhoods. PG&E supports innovative programs that give students and teachers opportunities to learn and prepare for their future, the future of California and the future of the energy industry.