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  • Bike (or walk) anywhere within 2 miles, instead of driving
    submitted by Tristan, Renaissance High School for Music Theatre & Technology
  • Use a lunchbag instead of a paper bag
    submitted by Morgan, Rockdale County High School
  • Carpool to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.
    submitted by Marcus, Schenectady High School's Steinmetz Career and Leadership Academy
  • is to switch from buying plastics, cans, etc and get a thermo bottle.
    submitted by sandra, The Heritage School
  • locker cleanout- donating gently used supplies to kids who can't afford school supplies!
    submitted by Cassie, Warren Township High School
  • To make a day of no lights on in school.
    submitted by Sierra
  • Not eating Meat on Mondays because cows cause Methane in the air
    submitted by Deontai, University High School
  • im gonna bike to softball and school and I'm gonna unplug my lights and tvs
    submitted by Abigail Mahoney
  • I play my acoustic guitar instead of playing my video games
    submitted by Cedrick
  • I collected 3 huge bags of recycling from the Relay for Life at our school.
    submitted by John, Freedom High School
  • take a burger break
    submitted by Maya, Cedar Grove High School
  • Decrease my shower time.
    submitted by Abby
  • set power strip.
    submitted by Jon
  • go on a hike instead of seeing a movie in the theatres
    submitted by Ana
  • walk to and from school 3 times a week.
    submitted by Jaylea
  • join my high school environmental club and voice my ideas
    submitted by luis
  • Getting recycling bins into every classroom at school and organizing a pickup system as a club
    submitted by Navpreet
  • Bike or skateboard (or walk) anywhere within 2 miles, instead of driving (especially during the summer).
    submitted by Jinny
  • Remember to use reusable bags when shopping.
    submitted by Kyle
  • Navy Shower!
    submitted by sabrina, Alhambra High School
  • turn off more lights
    submitted by Erin, World Journalism Preparatory School
  • solar panels
    submitted by Kristopher, World Journalism Preparatory School
  • use electric cars
    submitted by Kat, World Journalism Preparatory School
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and ditch the disposable plastic
    submitted by Karyn, Lrei
  • While taking a shower, used less water for 2 minutes.
    submitted by Samantha, Chaboya Middle School
  • I'm going to slay those vampires and lower my CO2 emissions :) go earth!
    submitted by McKenna
  • I will bring my lunch to school in reusable containers.
    submitted by PP, Chaboya Middle School
  • I will bring my lunch to school in reusable containers.
    submitted by PP, Chaboya Middle School
  • print assignments double-sided and encourage my classmates to do likewise
    submitted by Theresa
  • Make my friends & customers aware of simple ways to help our environment.
    submitted by Esther
  • I will continue biking to school every day
    submitted by Elissa, Palo Alto High School
  • I will bike more to school
    submitted by amara, Palo Alto High School
  • Start a community garden!
    submitted by Pratima
  • Instead of getting a dollar tea in a styrofoam cup from mcdonalds I will bring tea from home in a reusable container
    submitted by Amy, Creekview High School
  • Try and Conserve water throughout my house, find different ways to u se leftover water.
    submitted by Cole Ross, Creekview High School
  • Recycle all my unneeded papers.
    submitted by Alex, Creekview High School
  • Recycle, conserve energy, and prevent food waste in the workplace.
    submitted by Carly Gustafson, Reverb
  • to buy more local, fresh produce
    submitted by Monica Chan
  • Made guitar picks out of old gift cards.
    submitted by Sam
  • To take a lot shorter showers!
    submitted by Marisa, Amador Valley High School
  • to bring awareness through my school club called S.T.O.P.(save the ocean please!)
    submitted by Matt Gallion
  • To bike home from practice more often!
    submitted by Karianna, Aptos High School
  • Doing a concert in order to raise money for an invention that will take garbage and use it for energy, especially car/vehicle gas.
    submitted by Toryia, Memorial High School
  • take shorter showers
    submitted by Julia Rodriguez, St. Mary's Academy
    submitted by lexi
  • Turning off the lights when I leave the room.
    submitted by Jessica Borzym-Ellis, Cornerstone Achievement Academy
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and ditch the disposable plastic
    submitted by Evan, Amador Valley High School
  • Setting up end-of-semester recycling campaign.
    submitted by John
  • I am going to unplug all my devices. I am going to write a letter to Obama.
    submitted by Alexis
  • i will not leave my charger in the wall when my phone is plugged in i will even use my own allowance to buy those energy saving light bulbs.
    submitted by cody
  • Buy stuff that lasts and support eco-friendly businesses
    submitted by Stephanie
    submitted by kATHERINE, Chapel Hill High School
  • Take 5 minute showers.
    submitted by Joanna, San Fernando Senior High School
  • Bought a water filter so that there is no need to purchase bottled water.
    submitted by Frank, Brooklyn School for Music & Theater
  • to use the power save feature on both my phone and computer to conserve energy.
    submitted by Phoebe, Lycee International of Los Angeles
  • to turn off the lights when I'm not in a room.
    submitted by Jemila, Lycee International of Los Angeles
  • to use a toothbrush made out of recycled material and its recyclable as well.
    submitted by Anika, Lycee International of Los Angeles
  • Take the bus everywhere
    submitted by emigdio, Abraham Lincoln High School
  • I am going to change all the lights in my house to more efficient ones.
    submitted by Patrick, Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School
  • I will make my house use less gas and recycle.
    submitted by Valeria, George J. Ryan Middle School
  • took a burger break
    submitted by rachel
  • to get composting started and recycling really used at the arts center where i work
    submitted by Anna

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