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Call to Action

The devastating floods in Colorado have been the worst in living memory, resulting in hundreds left missing and well over one billion dollars in property damages. It is important to remember this tragedy for what it was and mourn those who were lost. However, it is of equal importance to not allow those numbers to simply become another statistic to memorize. Discovering the true causes of this disaster and how to counteract them will ensure that future such disasters may be avoided. The flooding was not a caused completely by some random occurrence – but amplified as a result of global climate change.


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Climate Change Hits Home in Boulder

Last week I experienced my first climate catastrophe: climate change hit me where I live.

I was in California for work last Wednesday when my wife called from our home in Boulder. She told me that a raging river was flowing through our yard. Our basement was filling up like a bathtub. She shouted to be heard over the pounding rain. Before she hung up to bail water from the window wells, she said, “This is not a normal storm.”


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Climate change and Colorado floods: The elephant in the room

The flooding has been classified as a 1000-year event, meaning there was only a tenth of one percent probability (0.1%) that it would happen in a given year. When an event this unusual and extreme happens these days, one of the first questions people ask is:

“Was it because of climate change?”

Here’s my answer:

It’s not a question of IF it was caused by climate change. It’s only a question of HOW MUCH it was caused by climate change.

Climate change could have been a significant factor or only a small contributor, but there’s no way it wasn’t involved. With 40% more CO2 in the atmosphere than in pre-industrial times and 4% more water vapor in the atmosphere than 40 years ago, our world is fundamentally altered. There’s no control group to compare us to – we are all living this experiment.


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