Meet Alicia, ACE’s Newest Climate Action Fellow

Alicia photoACE is thrilled to welcome its newest Climate Action Fellow, Alicia Wong! ACE Climate Action Fellows are a select group of students working in close capacity for a year-long fellowship with ACE staff in their regions to develop the confidence and capacity to successfully drive climate solutions now and throughout their lives.

Alicia will be working with ACE Director of Science and Education, Rebecca Anderson, on the Idle Free Schools for Washoe County campaign
in Reno, NV.

Read on to learn more about Alicia!

Hello, my name is Alicia Wong and I am ACE’s newest Climate Action Fellow. I try to be as involved with helping the environment as I can be. I am the president of the Eco-Warriors environmental club at Edward C. Reed high school. I have been in this club for two years now. Last year, the Eco-warriors and I had fundraisers to earn money for a water refill station in our school. It was recently installed, and the students at Reed love it. This year, we are working on the no idling campaign along with a few other projects. With every project we work on, we encourage all of our students to help out. I am so proud to be a part of the environmental club at my school. Not only are all of the members very involved, but so are many other  students. Everyone is an Eco-Warrior in their own little way!

I applied for this fellowship because I love helping out, and I want to learn more about climate change. I am very excited to be a part of this fellowship, and I can’t wait to start. By being a Climate Action Fellow I will build up leadership skills, learn more about the environment, and find more ways to make Earth a ‘greener’ place! I appreciate Rebecca for giving me this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what it brings me.



  • Rochelle

    Yay! Welcome Alicia! You are lucky to be working with Rebecca! :-)

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