ACE Leader, William Burnett, is Headed to PowerShift…and He’s Got Jokes

ACE awarded 68 scholarships to worthy youth climate leaders across the country to attend PowerShift 2013, the largest youth convergence of climate-focused youth on the planet.

This event takes place October 18th-21st and students from all over the nation are getting excited.



Take a look at one student’s story from Massachusetts:

Q. William, will you tell us a bit about yourself?

William: “My name is William Burnett, I was born in the ‘Holy Crumpets–God Save the Queen(‘s Corgis they’re cute)–If you don’t drink tea you’ll be very thirsty” country of England.

When I was a very chubby baby of 2 (note: I am now a chubby baby of 14) I moved here to Boston. I live in a little neighborhood called West Roxbury where I’ve grown up, and Boston is truly my home. (Love you Boston.)”

Q. What’s a quote that you live by?

William: “Just. Keep. Swimming”- Dory, from Disney/Pixar’s 2003 hit, Finding Nemo

“This is one of my favorite quotes, as it has so many meanings to so many people. To me, it means not only persevering and trying hard to accomplish goals but it means: ‘Earth, we know we haven’t been so good to you lately, but just keep going. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll help you out.’ Like the famous Blue Tang fish Dory once did, we should help anyone in need of help. And right now, this means our home, our one and only (literally) Earth.”

Q. How have you been inspired to take climate action?

William: “In 2011 I took 8th Grade US History as a mandatory course in school. Little did I know that there I would meet my school’s Youth Climate Action Network Leader, Ms. Arnold. Ms. Arnold has inspired so many people around our school and community to really make a difference in the way we take care of our environment.”

He continued, “Throughout the year I worked with BLSYouthCan and learned so much about what exactly is happening to our Earth, and who and what is responsible. I learned to work with my community and learned how to spread the word and interact with people in and around Boston to help change the way we live in order to better the way we live.”

Q. Are you excited to attend PowerShift on an ACE scholarship?

William: “I am so excited to take this to a National level at PowerShift 2013! I am really looking forward to meeting people who really care about helping out our Earth, traveling back home with amazing knowledge to give to my community, and bringing a whole new meaning to “Climate Change”.


  • Will Burnett

    Im really excited and honored guys thanks so much!

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