The Winners of the Fall 2011 Biggest Loser: Energy Competition Are…

Alright, losers. That’s right, I called you LOSERS. Last semester ACE launched the Biggest Loser: Energy competition, where losing (pounds of CO2, that is) is actually winning. We had 60 Action Teams compete for the $1000 grand prize, losing a grand total of 206,932 pounds of CO2, saving their schools 153,283 kWh of energy and therefore saving their schools over $15,000 in energy costs. WOW!

While everybody who participated is definitely a loser, there can only be one winner. They are… Greeley High School in Greeley, Colorado. They enrolled 33 classrooms, shed 31,502 pounds of CO2 and saved their school $2,333. You go, Greeley!

Here are all of the regional winners for the Fall 2011 Biggest Loser: Energy competition. A big congrats and thank you to everybody that participated!

Northern California’s regional winner is Clayton Valley High School, who enrolled 43 classrooms, shed 10,592 pounds of CO2 and saved $785.

Southern California’s regional winner is Franklin High School, who shed 12,239 pounds of CO2 and saved their school $907.

New York’s regional winner is the Bronx Design and Construction Academy, who enrolled 5 classrooms, shed 267 pounds of carbon and saved $20.

New England’s regional winner is Sanford High School, with a whopping 31 classrooms enrolled, 6,918 pounds of CO2 shed and $512 saved.

Chicago’s regional winner is Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, who enrolled 41 classrooms, shed 16,579 pounds of CO2 and saved $1,228.

And finally, Atlanta’s winner is Woodstock High School. They enrolled 51 classrooms, shed 18,876 pounds of CO2 and saved $1,398.

WOW! That’s a lot of losing. Missed your chance to be a loser last fall? Don’t worry, the competition is back for the Spring of 2012. Sign up here!


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