ACE students offer White House fresh ideas to spur energy efficiency

Shreya Indukuri and Daniela Lapidous, ACE Advisory Board members and juniors at the Harker School in San Jose, CA, paid a visit to the yesterday, but they didn’t just go for a tour. Through working with ACE, this -smart duo is scaling up their efforts to spur efficient use in America’s high schools – and sharing their ideas with America’s leaders.

Yesterday, in front of an invite-only audience of CEOs, White House advisors, and utility industry leaders, Shreya and Daniela shared the story of how they reduced their school’s energy use by 13 percent and founded their own non-profit, SmartPowerEd.

They shared a stage with U.S. Secretary of Energy, Steven ; Secretary of Agriculture, Tom ; Director of the Office of Science and Technology, John Holdren; and Chairperson of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Nancy Sutley.

In their talk, they let our leaders know that young people care about the future and energy use, and that they are ready to get involved with solutions. They closed with two questions for Secretary Chu and others: how are you going to harness the potential of young people? How are you going to prioritize energy and inspire young people to act?

You can see a video of their talk with White House officials here. More to come from ACE’s Emily Adler, who accompanied Shreya and Daniela to the event. What a day!


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  • Gregmccauley

    There should be a law that any company or building that uses $10.000 in utilities per month must implement this and receive a corresponding tax credit for the implementaiton costs if they use equipment made in America. 

    These are great kids!

    I congratulate their parents and teachers, very impressive.