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You spoke. We listened. In talking to our Youth Advisory Board and ACE Alumni, we heard again and again that the most valuable resource we could provide is a way to connect students to each other. And it's no wonder. Many of you have an incredible wealth of knowledge to share from your recent Action Team trials and tribulations, you share a unique passion for creating a sustainable future from the ground up, and well, you're just fun.

So, without further ado, we'd like to welcome you to our new alumni page, encourage you to bookmark us, and join our Alumni Facebook Group bellow!  


  • Ask questions
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  • Be in good company! 


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Cool opportunity/contest by the Climate and Clean ...

Kara Muraki 9:10pm Jul 30
Cool opportunity/contest by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition for anyone interested! Contest categories include best tagline, best description of short-lived climate pollutants, best social media proposal and audio/video product to help raise awareness. More info here:


Josephine Saponara 7:52pm Jul 24

Hey ACE Alumni! From your experience, what's the ...

Kristina von Hoffmann 8:35pm Jul 9
Hey ACE Alumni!

From your experience, what's the number one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman who is inspired to do some awesome work with your school's Action Team?

Kristina von Hoffmann 3:59pm Jul 12
Great answer, Faith! We use persistence every day at ACE to be able to do the work we do with you and other youth leaders across the country. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

May Huang 11:11pm Jul 23
Be motivated and get inspired everyday in addition think positively even when things seem tough. ^_^