Our Mission and Vision


ACE educates and inspires young people to break through the challenge of climate change.



ACE believes that achieving a safe and stable climate in our lifetime requires the ideas, action and influence of young people.

Our goal by 2020 is to educate, inspire and activate 12 million teens and young adults as part of a multigenerational force for carbon reduction and healthy communities.


ACE Core Values and Beliefs

The Power of Truth

We value things that can be tested, measured, verified and tracked – from climate science to intentional partnership to organizational metrics – in order to understand, achieve and improve what we can accomplish.

We believe that always focusing on what is authentic to ourselves, genuine to those we work with and accurate about the world will keep us true to our word and point us where we need to go.

The Power of Youth

We value the right of young people today to know about climate change; the science, its causes and the radically different futures that will result from the action, or inaction, we take today.

We believe that teens and young adults can handle the truth and we have a moral imperative to share the science, communicate the consequences and spark the solutions with them.

The Power of People

We value individuals and the contribution that every single person can make when they're working toward realizing their own potential.

We believe a diverse community of individuals each realizing their own potential and seeking the best from others can unlock exponential possibilities.

The Power of Breakthroughs

We value transformations sparked by a new idea, invention, belief, relationship or action that have the possibility of changing the course of the future almost immediately.

We believe that most possible solutions to climate change have yet to gain a foothold or even be discovered, so we must stay open, innovative, and focused on collaborations that bring all serious creativity to the table.

The Power of a New Narrative

We value storytelling to shape belief, inspire action and connect us to a future in which the best of humanity’s potential is realized.

We believe that the planet, the climate movement and humanity all need a new story for the future – moving us from why we haven’t or can’t to why we must and will; from what we can expect to happen to making the unexpected happen; from how we will survive to ways we can thrive.

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