Youth Advisory Board

We are proud to have five inspirational young climate leaders advising ACE on our organization and programs. 

In their own words, here is their mission statement: The ACE Youth Advisory Board strives to use its experiences with climate action to provide a youth perspective on ACE programs and inspire other youth to take initiative. 

Jordan Howard
Focus: Student Trainings 

Alliance for Climate Education Youth Advisory Board memberJordan is inspired by the solutions to climate change. Learning about the economic benefits, environmental justice and the relations to marginalized communities, empowers Jordan to educate people of all ages on the importance and positive effects of living sustainably. She has directed award winning student-powered films with the Green Ambassadors Productions and President Obama’s Race To The Top initiative. Jordan led and organized Rise Above Plastics “Student Speaker Series” through the Surfrider Foundation where she trained high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to give presentations on harmful disposable plastics. Jordan is the editor of the book, Green My Parents, a step by step guide for kids ages 12-17, training them to teach their parents how to live sustainably while saving money. Jordan has opened for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and keynoted at environmental youth conferences across the nation. She has been featured in the book Girls Gone Green, on NBC’s‘Green is Universal’ program, “Young Icons” TV show, and “Alter Eco” on Planet Green, and has recieved awards from The Weather Channel, Art of Humanity, Tavis Smiley Foundation, and the U.S. Green Building Council. A graduate of Environmental Charter High School in LA, Jordan is now in her sophomore year at Santa Monica College and also serves on the board of the Children’s Nature Institute.

Jordan's video


Shreya Indukuri 
Focus: Action Teams

Alliance for Climate Education Youth Advisory Board member

Shreya is currently a Senior at the Harker Upper School in San Jose, CA. 

Two years ago, Shreya Indukuri and Daniela Lapidous (see below) were two students sitting in an ACE Assembly at the Harker School in San Jose, CA. Inspired by the ACE Assembly, they started an ACE Action Team and planted a school garden as their first project. Next, they won an ACE grant and installed smartmeters at school. Soon, they detected a series of anomalies in their school’s energy usage – such as air conditioning left on in the gym over the weekend – and, with a few simple tweaks, lowered their school’s energy bill by 13%.

It’s an amazing story, but it wasn’t enough for Shreya and Daniela. They went on to found their own nonprofit,, and are actively working with other schools in San Jose to implement energy-saving programs. In June 2011, they were invited to the White House to speak at an invite-only White House event on grid modernization, sharing a stage with U.S. Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, to tell their story and discuss possibilities of scaling their project nationwide.

Amidst her school and environmental commitments, Shreya is either oil-painting, blogging, watching movies, debating, volunteering or hanging out with her awesome friends and family. 

Shreya's video

Daniela Lapidous
Focus: Marketing & Social Media

Alliance for Climate Education Youth Advisory Board memberDaniela is currently a Senior at the Harker Upper School in San Jose, CA. Her environmental adventures kicked-off in 2009 with Shreya. She truly believes that the world's younger generation has the responsibility to protect our futures, starting right now. She focuses on ACE's marketing programs and helps devise best practices for our social media strategy. An avid blogger herself, you will see her often on ACE's blog, Hot & Bothered.

Daniela's video



Kavi Reddy
Focus: Alumni Network & Development

Alliance for Climate Education Youth Advisory Board memberKavi is the newest addition ot the ACE Youth Advisory Board, but has been involved with ACE for years. Kavi began taking action against climate change in 9th grade after seeing an ACE assembly and starting an Action Team at her school, The Athenian School. Since then, she has developed a strong interest for permaculture because of its philosophy of earth care/people care/future care, and the solutions to climate change and overpopulation it presents. She build a polyculture perennial permaculture garden, and a 30-foot bioswale to fix her school’s flooding problem. She believes that permaculture is a visual example of the practicality of design thinking. Now during her senior year, she has teamed up with five other students and seven teachers to form a regenerative ecology board, with a goal of rethinking the school’s relationship to the environment and alter it to have a positive impact.

 Adarsha Shivakumar, Head of Youth Advisory Board
Focus: ACE National Campaigns

Alliance for Climate Education Youth Advisory Board memberAdarsha Shivakumar is a freshman at Stanford University.  He is an environmental enthusiast who recognized the complex relationship between the environment and rural Indian economy and cofounded Project Jatropha when he was 14 years old.  Project Jatropha is an international nonprofit collaboration dedicated to promoting the plant Jatropha curcas as an ecologically friendly and economically sustainable source of biofuel, beginning in rural India and eventually in other developing countries where the project can be applied.  Under Adarsha's leadership the team has planted more than 15,000 Jatropha, Teak, Silver Oak and Pongamia seedlings involving scores of farmers in two villages in Karnataka.  They have won several national and international awards such as Gloria Barron prize, Brower award, International Young Eco Hero Award, and T4PE Gold Service Award.

Adarsha joined the ACE Youth Advisory Board in order to motivate youth across the globe about the importance of Climate Change.  He hopes that environmentally conscious youth across the globe can spearhead a movement that will eventually mitigate climate change from CO2 emissions and decrease the dependence on fossil fuels.  He likes swimming, all things science, racquetball, and transhumanism.  He spends his free time by playing video games with his friends.

Adarsha's video